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Alizeh Fashion by Bilals Launching its Embroidered Chiffon Festive Collection, ‘Mah E Ru’, Volume 8 on 7 Dec 2021 (InshaAllah), Nationwide at all leading stores and Online.

Total 10 Designs
5 designs (D1,D4,D6,D7,D8) Retail Price is Rs 6950/-
2 designs (D2,D5) Retail Price is Rs 7450/-
3 designs (D3,D9,D10) Retail price is Rs 8950/-
Retail Box Price is Rs 76500/-

*Wholesale Price for 5 designs (D1,D4,D6,D7,D8,) is Rs 5850/-
Wholesale Price for 2 designs (D2,D5) is Rs 6250/-
Wholesale Price for 3 Designs (D3,D9,D10) is Rs 7500/-
Wholesale Box Price is Rs 64250/-*